Whether we realize it or not, every time we read the Bible or listen to a biblical message, our understanding is influenced by the particular system of theology we hold. Believing there were only two systems of theology to choose from within fundamental, conservative Christianity, I chose Calvinism over Arminianism because I was (and still am) firmly convinced that the Scriptures support eternal security of the believer. For many years I trusted the system called Four-Point Calvinism because I thought I knew what Calvin meant by each point and I agreed with all but the “L” (Limited Atonement) of the acrostic, “TULIP,” which represents Calvinism’s five main points.

Because New Calvinism has re-invigorated the teachings of traditional Calvinism and is sweeping throughout Christianity today, dividing Christians and influencing what is taught in churches, seminaries, and schools, I decided to look more deeply into the definitions of the four points. After considering what the Bible has to say about human depravity, election, grace, and perseverance in order to define these concepts inductively and then comparing these definitions with Calvin’s teaching, I concluded that I could no longer call myself a four-point Calvinist, for I found significant differences.

This book offers a system of theology that I simply call “Biblicism” because I believe it harmonizes with the Scriptures and enables the reader to properly understand God’s purpose and plan for earth history and eternity.

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I am often
asked questions as I travel. So many of the questions are good ones and asked by many that I have decided to include the answers on this website.

“Can you give a basic definition of Dispensationalism?”

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"Is the 'last trump' the same as the 7th trumpet of the book of Revelation?"

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Egypt in Prophecy

Isaiah writes about Egypt in the Future

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"Setting the Stage for the Final Act?"

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Questioning Why?

Recognizing New Calvinism’s impact and influence, especially on Christians between the ages of twenty and forty, it is hoped that a careful clarification and examination of the teachings and beliefs of New Calvinists will reveal why they are in error. After several years of studying this movement, the author’s desire is to explain why New Calvinism appeals to the next generation of Christian leaders and how older men, such as John Piper and Al Mohler, are providing what appears to be deep biblical teaching, but in reality, is traditional Reformed/Covenant theology that has been repackaged in post-modern “wrappings.”  (more...)                                                    30 page booklet

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Reader’s Comment:

Thank you for your booklet “New Calvinism’s Upside-Down Gospel.” My friends and I have been researching New Calvinism for over a year now as a result of a takeover at our church. Everything that you said in your booklet is true. I wish I had found it earlier, because it would have saved me hours of research! When do you plan to have another booklet in the series on New Calvinism? I can’t wait to read it!”                      LMB

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Oops! I Thought I was a Four-Pt Calvinist

Does New Calvinism Serve Satan’s Purposes? - learn how

In this transcript of a message delivered at the 2014 Grace Conference in Lake Zurich, Illinois, Dr. Congdon carefully outlines and uncovers the strategies that Satan is using in order to "set the stage" for his world-wide religion and government that will be established during the Tribulation. He also explains how the New Calvinist movement may form a part of Satan's plan as he uses earnest individuals to unwittingly spread it throughout Christendom.

Dr. Congdon discusses three forms or divisions of New Calvinism [Neo-Puritans, Contemporary New Calvinists, and Neo-Calvinists] that enable its basic doctrines to be accepted by churches and individuals from a wide spectrum of Christianity. This message will give you biblical insight in these challenging days of the Church so that you may effectively contend for the faith once delivered unto the saints.                                                                                                                       (36 pages)

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CMI Background

Each week on Jimmy DeYoung’s radio program, Prophecy Today (www.prophecytoday.com), Rob Congdon offers commentary and analysis on events in the European Union and how these events might relate to biblical prophecy.

Often the time allotted is insufficient for him to fully explain the basis for his analysis.

CMI News and Bible Commentary Background Briefings is CMI’s way of giving added explanation and background necessary to understanding world events from a biblical perspective.

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Mike Gendron a Calvinist?

Analysis by Robert Congdon

Fruits of Calvinism
by Dr. Ron Comfort

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Russia and the Ukraine
  Setting the Stage for  
  Ezekiel’s Prophecy

                                     by Robert Congdon

This booklet offers a full understanding of the events leading up to the current crisis in the Ukraine and demonstrates how they may be setting the stage for the battle of Gog-Magog prophesied in Ezekiel 38 & 39.

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